As Bashar Assad murders his own citizens en masse, Syrian’s neighbor, Israel, under the political leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are turning a blind eye to the Alawite’s crimes against humanity.

OyZilla, the cartoonist at large for OyVey, drew and published this Love Thy Neighbor editorial cartoon to reflect what the Laughzilla cartooning crew saw as poor political piloting by the Israeli PM.

First published on March 13, 2012.

As Whitney Houston family, friends and fans mourned the untimely death of their beloved pop diva singer, demonstrators for freedom in Syria were mowed down by the Bashar Assad regime. The time was mid February 2012 and social networking was spreading both of these stories at viral speed. 

So it was that the cartoonist illustrator Laughzilla was commissioned to create the iconic Assad Houston cartoon for The Daily Dose comic strip. 

The Bashar Assad Requiem for Whitney Houston editorial cartoon depicts a full color poignant perspective of these two synchronous stories.

Winter in Paris was so cold in 2012, it almost froze the baguette off of this editorial cartoonist’s hands, even though he was thousands of miles away, ensconced in the sunny climes of a warmer country.

The Daily Dose published this #OccupyWinter editorial cartoon along with a set of top ten occupy winter jokes by Laughzilla on february 11, 2012, marking a historic return to full color cartoons for the popular webcomic, founded in 1996.

Make sure your realty agent has real tea while trying to #occupycaffeine with this rejected ad campaign cartoon and jokes by laughzilla for thedailydose.